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Cisco ONS 15302 - a terminal multiplexer optical access network

The Cisco ONS 15302 is a terminal multiplexer that extends the optical entry network for the buyer premises. With an STM-one uplink to SDH optical networks, the Cisco ONS 15302 can gather voice and details site visitors for switched products and services, Web access, and VPNs. In only one rack unit (RU), the Cisco ONS 15302 brings together data and voice traffic by transporting Ethernet and TDM channels inside of an SDH STM-one frame. A Layer two swap cloth enables native 10/100BASE-T Ethernet mapping into as considerably as four digital container teams (VCG) for point-to-point or stage-to-multipoint transport more than the SDH network. VCG bandwidth can be configured in as very small as 2-Mbps increments.

The Cisco ONS 15302 administration resolution is according to an embedded Primary Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent. A community craft interface referred to as Cisco Edge Craft as nicely as the ingredient management program, Cisco Transport Manager, allow remote supervision and provisioning for Cisco ONS 15302 products. The Cisco ONS 15302 also provides a straightforward VT100 command-line interface (CLI) for preliminary setup and direct administration from the device. Administrators can deal with the program by accessing it locally by way of the VT100 RS-232 port or the committed Ethernet administration port. Remote access is potential by way of IP Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)-based facts communications network (DCN) or in band by way of one in the LAN or WAN ports.

The Cisco ONS 15302 offers a small sort component (only 1 RU) and is capable of terminating regular TDM and native Ethernet web-site site visitors, manufacturing it an best support-delivery product. As proven in Figure two, targeted site visitors from as much as 12 E1 and 4 ten/one hundred Mbps Ethernet interfaces is typically collected inside of a single Cisco ONS 15302 device to turn out to be transported again to the initial stage of targeted traffic aggregation on the assistance provider network. For Ethernet solutions, bandwidth can be configured independently for each LAN port in two-Mbps increments. This makes it possible for provider suppliers to deliver diverse ranges of provider centered on each customer's needs.
Ethernet a lot more than SDH Expectations Compliance
The Cisco ONS 15302 provides ITU-T G.7041-compliant Generic Framing Method (GFP) encapsulation of Ethernet web-site visitors for uncomplicated integration with existing SDH networks. The item also utilizes ITU-T G.707-compliant reduced-purchase and high-order virtual concatenation and ITU-T G.7042-compliant backlink capacity adjustment scheme (LCAS), building it a great deal much more useful for scalable, subsequent-technology optical infrastructures.
Integrated Layer two Changing
The Cisco ONS 15302 has an integrated Layer 2 change that permits superior management of packets for numerous purposes and network configurations, such as information-traffic aggregation, and multipoint connections.
Adaptable Network Topologies
The Cisco ONS 15302 can provide common E1 services at the exact same time as native Ethernet visitors for the customer premises more than unprotected or linear 1+one MSP-secured STM-1 hyperlinks. Ethernet bandwidth can be configured individually on every single LAN port, only minimal by the WAN capacity, which could be as significantly as a finish STM-1. Bandwidth could be extra individually per port in two-Mbps increments up to a utmost of a hundred Mbps for Fast Ethernet. Tons of applications require a easy stage-to-position connection - either straight or by suggests of an SDH network - amongst two Cisco ONS 15302 models about an STM-one circuit. Also, very a handful of branch offices may be connected to a headquarters place in a level-to-multipoint topology, the place every single department can have individually devoted bandwidth. Additional branches is generally additional by stacking models at headquarters.

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